Based in Derbyshire UK, ARCo. Labs is a humble yet sonically sound micro studio with every aspect based around controlling and balancing audio.


Digital Mastering:

Processing System

Cubase 8.5
Audioscope 2813
Softube Console 1
UAD Apollo Quad
UAD Satellite Quad
Waves Gold
Nugen Mastercheck
TLA 5013 Valve EQ x2
LA Audio TCX20 x2


Neumann KH310 A
Yamaha NS10M
BBC Roger MK1
Tannoy Little Red

We are Mastered for iTunes


Recording: The Paddocks

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 15.50.08

Our sister studio “The Paddocks” is based in rural Leicestershire and boasts an incredible setup suited to any artist or bands needs.

Mixing Console

Raindirk Series 3 Console


Genelec 1031A
Tannoy Little Reds
Yamaha NS10


Protools 10
Cubase 8
Apple Power Mac
UAD Apollo 16 x 2 (32 ins- 32 outs)
UAD Quad with all plugins
Glyph GT103 hot swop drives


Tascam DAT


1 x API 512c preamps
5 x API 550b EQ’s
1 x API 525 Compressor
1 x Chandler LTD-1 channel strip
1 x Drawmer 1969 Mercenary edition
2 x Drawmer DS 201 Gate
1 x Drawmer DL 241
1 x Universal Audio 1176LN
1 x UREI 1176LN silverface
2 x DBX 160
1 x DBX 160XT
1 x DBX Boom Box
1 x Empirical Labs Distressor
1 x Alan Smart C2 bus compressor
2 x SPL Transient Designer
1 x MXR Dual Limiter
1 x Akai S612
1 X Audio Design research F700-R Compressor
1 x Audio Scope
1 x Aphex type C Aural Exciter
1 x Aphex Compellor
1 x Aphex Compounder
1 x AKG BX15 spring reverb


1 x AKG D12
1 x AKG D112
2 x AKG 451
2 x AKG 414
1 x Beyer Dynamic M160
1 x EV RE20
1 x Groove Tubes GT33
2 x Neumann U89
2 x SE 4400 (Matched Pair)
3 x Sennheiser 421
1 x Rode NT1
2 x Rode NT3
4 x Shure SM57
2 x Shure SM58
1 x Shure SM7B


Ampeg SVT Pro 2 head
Ampeg 4×10 cab
Orange Tiny Terror
ENGL – Thunder 50 Head
MJW – Roadstar 18 Head
Silver Face Fender twin reverb combo
Sans Amp Tech 21 RB1

Pianos/Keyboards/ Synthesisers

ARP – Odyssey (Mark 2)
Alesis – Andromeda
Fender Rhodes Stage 73 Mk 1
Fender Rhodes Suitcase 73 Mk 1
Fender Rhodes Mk 2
Korg – Mono/Poly
Moog – MINIMOOG (monophonic synth)
Moog – Polymoog
Roland – SH101 (monophonic synth)
Roland – JX3p
Roland – Juno 2 (with PG300 programmer)
Roland – Juno 60